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    What is Keep It Playing?

    Keep It Playing is a part of Venmill Industries. We offer mail-in disc repair service to consumers who want to repair scratched CDs, DVDs, games and other discs. We are internet based and have been offering disc repair services since 2010.


    What is VenMill Industries?

    Keep It Playing is a part of VenMill Industries, a manufacturing company based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. VenMill Industries produces and sells disc repair equipment. For more information about VenMIll, please visit www.venmill.com.


    Where are you located?

    Keep It Playing

    36 Town Forest Road

    Oxford, Massachusetts 01540


    What do I need to do to repair my discs with Keep It Playing?

    To begin, you’ll need to fill out the order form on the Get Started page. After the payment is processed, you can go ahead and send us your discs along with the order receipt or the order number. All instructions are found on the How It Works page.


    How do you repair discs?

    We have commercial-grade disc repair equipment that buffs scratches away without affecting the data on the disc. After the repair, the disc goes through a surface test to check for playability. Please note, however, the surface test will not read if there is damage to the data on the disc.


    What kind of discs can you repair?

    We can repair CD’s, DVD’s, game discs, software discs, photo discs, 3 inch discs, and even Blu-ray!


    How should I package my discs?

    We recommend you package your discs in a plastic case to protect them in shipping. We are not responsible for discs that are damaged in shipping.


    What kind of damage is repairable?

    Most scratches, scuffs and the X-box ring scratch are repairable.


    What kind of damage is not repairable?

    Cracked discs and discs that are peeling are not repairable. Some deep scratches may not be repairable because there may already be damage to data on the disc. Scratches on the label-side of a disc are not repairable.


    I tried to have my disc repaired at a video rental store and it didn’t work. Can you still repair it?

    At Keep It Playing, we have the best disc repair equipment available. If the damage is a scratch, there is a possibility we can still repair it. However, it is not possible to repair a disc that is cracked or a disc that is peeling.


    How do you ship my disc(s) back to me?

    Discs are sent back to the customer by US Mail or UPS. You can select which option you would like during the checkout.


    How many days does it take?

    Once your discs arrive, please allow us 3-5 days to repair them.  Shipping time will be determined by the chosen shipping method you choose when you made and paid for your online purchase. USPS first class mail can take up to 7-14 days.


    I need a disc repaired ASAP!

    Please contact us by email if you have special circumstances.